good is the enemy of great

Two Lists to Create for Greater Results This Week

Leaders want to get results. We want to make a difference. We want to add value to the world. We want to change things for the better. That is our heart and desire.

But STUFF gets in the way. In the early years of the 21st Century, the overwhelming reality is TOO MUCH STUFF.

  • Too much information coming our way.
  • Too many opportunities and too many options.
  • Too many invitations.
  • Too many distractions.
  • Too many interruptions.
  • Too much busynes EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Leaders have to Focus. They have to Prioritize. They have to Do First Things First. They have to know how to separate the Truly Important form the Merely Urgent.

So - here are two practical suggestions that will help you do this. You need to create two lists.

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