Here to Make Friends

I am blessed. I hope you are as well!
I have great friends. I have quite a few of them. They make life enjoyable, interesting, fruitful, stimulating. And they, in some ways, "make me" as well.

Some of these great friends I work with and see every day. Some of these friends are scattered around the world. I miss being with them, but thanks to the internet, we keep our friendship growing.

I like this sentiment. I am here to make friends. Yes I am and so are you. Friends, partners, colleagues, collaborators, team-members, peers… 

Abraham Lincoln on Mercy and Friendship

. . . Mercy Trumps Strict Justice
. . . Mercy Turns Friends Into Enemies

I've read about half a dozen books on Lincoln this year. And I wish I had time to read more about him.

Of the presidential leaders of our country, the top three whom I deeply admire and respect are George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.

I have read the most about Roosevelt, Lincoln is next and Washington will get my attention next year.

Here are two quotes from Lincoln. 

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