The Three E's of Good Work

The Good Work Project has identified three key components that must be present for work to be considered good work.

Your work must be excellent.
Mediocre skills, average ability, generic competency is not sufficient for good work. One of the things I constantly set before leaders is the need for excellence. Work hard to learn, grow and develop. Leverage your gifts as best you can. Make them stronger. Grow them until you are outstanding in the use of your strengths. Trying is not sufficient. That is just the beginning. This is why leaders must be life long learners. This is why leaders need mentors. 

Love and Skill

When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece. John Ruskin

Ephesians 2:10 reminds you that you are masterpiece, a work of art, the craftsmanship of the creator God.

Psalm 139 says -you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Psalm 8 - you are just a little lower than the angels, and God is mindful of you.

In your life, the love and skill of the Trinity work together to form a MASTERPIECE. This is what you are. 

Then, in the world around you, you are invited to participate in the creative work of the Trinity, using your own love and skill to form masterpieces.

Leaders are Learners: Three Motivational Lessons From Warren Bennis

Life Long Learning, Note 06

What is great about this post (for me) is that Warren Bennis was one of those early and sustained sources of learning. He guided me in my own learning about leadership and my work at being a leader. I would read what he said, and I would try it out. I would engage with his most inspiring ideas and I would seek to put them into practice. Warren Bennis helped me understand that leaders are learners and that great leaders are great at learning. Here are three thoughts and some commentary about them.

Warren Bennis quote, taking charge of your learningONE:
Leaders learn by taking charge of their learning.

On Good Work

In Five Minds for the Future, Howard Gardner describes the characteristics of "good work." By good, he means work that is:

Excellent - high quality, disciplined

Ethical - takes into account the well-being of the wider community

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