Having Enemies

Winston Churchill, you have enemies good

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something in your life. 
Winston Churchill

There are a number of reasons why leaders will have enemies... and not all of them are good reasons.

1.  You may have an enemy because of poor, inept leadership and the decisons flowing from such leadership that makes things hard for others.

A Collage of Images-Quotes as I Think About the Paris Horror

Edmund Burke, for evil to flourish

if you don't like what you see in the world do not blame the world

Teddy Roosevelt, it is not the critic who counts

Jesus weeping for the world, Jesus crying

No commentary added, just the encouragement to continue your own reflection, discernment and prayerfulness.


The Problem of Evil and God's Love

It is a Painful Problem and a Deep Mystery

God and suffering, theodicy, problem of evil

I provide this first image - not to offend anyone, but to put it in simple, graphic images. This is how many non-Christians think about God and suffering. How can there be an all powerful God and an all loving God and suffering. Does God care? Does God notice? If he does - then why doesn't God DO SOMETHING ABOUT EVIL?

I can't begin to deal with this greatest of questions and most painful of problems in a post... or even a series of posts. This question-problem has occupied the minds of the greatest thinkers (both religious and non-religious) through the long centuries.

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