Envy: The Sin We Can't Talk About

The Really Ugly Sin!
As if they are all not really ugly... but this one is really, really yucky. Which is why we never talk about it. Which is why we rarely make progress in it. As Dennis Okholm shows us in Dangerous Passions Deadly Sins, the ancients had penetrated deeply into the nature of this deadly vice. Here are some scattered statements from chapter six, Envy: The Silent Killer.

1.  Aquinas: Envy is a kind of sorrow for another's good that the envier perceives to be harmful to her or him self.

2.  Envy is grieving over another's good when it seems to lessen the envier's own good name.

The Sin of Envy

"We prefer a king we can see, and the one staring back at us from our bathroom mirror seems like a fine candidate"  Jeff Cook

I have been drawn to the "Seven Deadly Sins" lately.  I guess drawn is not really an accurate word.  It is more like a painful realization that I am impacted by those sins everyday, almost hourly or more.  It is a revelation that is continuing to invade my soul.  This quote is a good one.  How many times have I done this? Maybe I haven't used these words but the intention was there, the attitude is clearly there and it takes me to bad places. 

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