Who Needs a Fresh Start?

and you are positioned to make it possible...

I was out for lunch yesterday. From time to time I go out to do some work. Every now and then I need a different atmosphere to think and write. So I drove over to my "go-to" Chinese buffet. I usually go late in the lunch hour so the crowd is small. I walked in and as the hostess led me to a table, there was an acquaintance I had not seen for several months. He lit up when he saw me, waved me over and asked me to sit down and join him.

I recognize divine redirects when they happen, so I did. No sooner do I sit down and he says, "I can't believe you walk in. God brought you here." It turns out he almost never goes to that restaurant. He was on his way to work... went out of his normal routine and there we were.

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