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Seven Habits of Emotionally Healthy People

This is a very inspiring, simple to understand article on what emotionally healthy people look like. This revolves around the trait of being positive, full of vital optimism, what Daniel Goleman calls resonance.

If there is one leadership change to make this year - this is it.

Brian K. Rice
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Women in Leadership and Depression

Here is an article on women in leadership and how female senior leaders is affected by depression.

This is a serious matter in deed as we seek to have and support more women in positions of highest leadership.

Women Leaders - how about you?
What has been your experience and what has been most helpful in keeping your own emottional equilibrium?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International



Emotional Intelligence and Reacting to Strong Emotions at Work

What To Do When Facing Strong Negative Emotions in the Workplace

Everyone has heard about emotional intelligence (Daniel Goleman).
Everyone "sort of" knows what we mean by emotional intelligence.
Everyone (almost) knows how important emotional intelligence is.

And yet - that very hard challenge of - being emotionally healthy and intelligent when others are in places of emotional distress and extroverting that distress - now that takes quite a bit of emotional intelligence.

When there is strong emotion at play (like fear, anger and sadness), leaders must really practice the Non-Anxious Presence and avoid being pulled into the emotional drama. It is helpful to have some practical and immediately applicable strategies and tactics for how to be "non-anxious."

Here are a few suggestions for "how-to" do this.

Leaders Shaping the Future

WHAT KEEPS YOU GOING . . . Into the Future?

John Gardner quote, the future is shaped, emotionally intelligent leaders, vital optimism

The future is shaped my men and women
with a steady, even zestful confidence
that on balance their efforts will not have been in vain.
John Gardner

I used this thought from John Gardner in a recent lesson on the power of hope and vital optimism.  Leaders are those who have the privilege and responsibility of shaping the future, to a greater degree than others.

True Wisdom - I Wonder If You Have It?

I Know You Need It!

For Daniel Goleman and John Calvin, it involves Self-Awareness
First - Goleman. When Daniel Goleman reminded us that effective leadership that is emotionally healthy - begins with Self-Awareness, he had not stumbled on a new insight. It was a piece of wisdom that the great philosophers and theologians of history already knew. Goleman simply put it into a psychological framework (and a very helpful one I might add).

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