The Problem With Email at Work

And Why Some Companies Ban Email at Work

I have been on a personal productivity "kick" for about the last two years. For several reasons.

1.  Lack of productivity seems to be on the increase. Work habits and a good work ethic is not a given.

2.  I became aware of the statistics about how the use of social media puts us in a constant mode of distraction and having our attention interrupted. This means personal productivity takes a big hit. The Internet has been described as an ecosystem of interruption technology.

Time to Change Those Bad Habits About Email

About two years ago, I was in a conversation with a leader who ASSURED me that email was a thing of the past. Young people were no longer using email. New social media forms were making email a dinosaur.

Well, while versions of instant messaging have grown... there has been no decrease in email while that happened. In fact, there are more emails then ever. Which is why leaders need to be wise about how we use email.

There are so many common mistakes we make that not only lead to a decrease in our productivity, but for others as well.

What's In Your Email In-Box

. . . and What to Do About It

How many emails do you receive each day? I'm not asking about the spam, which hopefully gets filtered out. But the real ones: 50?  100?  200?  More? I have four different Email Accounts. I have them set up according to specific functions and needs. Between these accounts - 150 emails is a LITE day.

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