10 Thoughts About TLCs (Transformative Learning Communities)

The Information Distribution Theory of Christianity doesn't work. That means most preaching doesn't work. Most teaching doesn't work. Most reading of most books doesn't work. Or if they work, they work inadequately, incompletely, superficially, and temporarily.

It doesn't work because it ignores the way Jesus used to bring about transformation.
It doesn't work because it misses core insights the Apostle Paul gives us about change.
It doesn't work because it doesn't understand the essential nature of our human makeup.
It doesn't work because it neglects the best methodologies for how adults learn and grow.

So here are a few introductory thoughts to renew your thinking.

The Way of Renovation

How do we change?
How do I change?
How are we / am I changed?
Why is change so hard?

These are the questions I ask almost every day. At the core of my ministry and my being - is to help people flourish. To help people flourish, I must help them change. To be in the Christian ministry is to be in the ministry of life change.

To be in the Christian ministry is to be deeply associated with reformation, transformation, and renovation of the heart.

The evangelical church has a widely held and tragically flawed theory of change. It goes like this (albeit in many different guises). Information changes you. Ideas change you. Beliefs change you. Doctrine changes you. Truth changes you.

Sir Ken Robinson and TED

This post is directly inspired from PRESENTATION ZEN by Garr Reynolds, who is one of the regular bloggers that I truly appreciate. I always learn something from his great resources.

In this post, Garr talks about one of the best TED presenters EVER - Sir Ken Robinson. I have loved Sir Ken Robinson and his previous TED talks. They are amazing and are some of the most watched TED talks ever.

Sir Ken Robinson on Escaping the Death Valley of Education

If you missed it when it was shown on public TV, be sure to watch the video by Sir Ken Robinson on Escaping the Death Valley of Education. There are two reasons to watch this. First, he is an outstanding communicator and it is just good to learn from the best. It is amazing how many communication tools he uses in a few short minutes.

Second, he has some very significant things to say about education. Three main principles are (1) Diversity in those who learn, (2) the power of Curiosity for learning, and (3) Creativity. He believes that current education works against all three of these essential qualities.

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