The Problem With Email at Work

And Why Some Companies Ban Email at Work

I have been on a personal productivity "kick" for about the last two years. For several reasons.

1.  Lack of productivity seems to be on the increase. Work habits and a good work ethic is not a given.

2.  I became aware of the statistics about how the use of social media puts us in a constant mode of distraction and having our attention interrupted. This means personal productivity takes a big hit. The Internet has been described as an ecosystem of interruption technology.

The Things That Matter Most

What a Great Phrase. The Things That Matter the Most.
These things must never be at the mercy of the things that matter less and which matter the least.

Yet this is exactly the struggle we have today. We live in a world of contstant, continual Interruption and Distraction. One study says the typical "office worker" is interrupted 23 times every hour. Other studies suggest that senior management has the same, constant interruption and distraction.

Of course we are busy and we have multiple responsibilities that intrude. As the workplace has tightened up by
downsing - eliminating jobs...
they called it rightsizing - getting the right number of people in the workplace
which meant most of experienced supersizing of our jobs.

Too much to do, too many responsiblities, which meant interruption and distraction.

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