Thomas Carlyle on Books (Good and Bad)

I read a lot. There is never enough time to read. I have a long list of books I want to read. I have a number of unread books sitting on my "To Read Shelf." So I must be selective. For according to Carlyle, not all books are created equal. There are good books and bad books. There are books that edify and books that disturb with their mischief. There are books full of wisdom and there are books full of deception. There are books that are well written and books hastily scribbled (some by well known Christian celebrity authors who are rushed to get another book in print). 

A well known name does not a Good or Wise Book Ensure!

So Carlyle counsels discernment and cautions us to be discriminating (alert, sensitive, perceptive) readers. 

Thomas Carlyle quote  books are like sheep and goats  On the Choice of Books

What is a really good book that turned out to be a very great advantage in teaching you wisdom?
And have you read any books that seemed to the cause of a wild mischief?

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