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Why Smart Leaders Do Dumb Things

dark side of leadershipAnd Why Smart Organizations Do Dumb Things as Well

Many (many) years ago, I was introduced to an idea that continues to be a major theme for me. It was the theme of "dark-side" behaviors, or the dark side of leadership. (Click here for a short review of the book, Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership.) There were two main ideas in this dark side theme.

Burnout is Dangerous Business

burnout is dangerous

Burnout is "very" Dangerous Business!

Right now, about 45 people are going through out 90-5-U Leadership Learning Community. We are working through material on personal productivity. The first section of exercises and reflections is kind of a Life Coaching, "set the framework approach" that will make personal productivity possible. Stress, hardship, being out of balance, being out of shape (unhealthy) - these are some of the things that lead to burnout.

Check out this brief report on workplace stress and burnout.

How about you?
Are you healthy?
Are you dealing with stress?
Is your life reasonably balanced?

Or are you moving into a place of "burnout."

How the Mighty (Might Be?) Falling!

Jeff Bezos and Amazon, past their prime, how the mighty fall

Jeff Bezos and Amazon.
Are they Past Their PRIME?
How the Mighty Might be Falling!

The Real Story Behind Jeff Bezos... is an excellent article that looks at this mighty giant in the industry. A juggernaut and behemoth that have seemed unstoppable, but which may be stumbling due to organizational leadership failures.

It is too soon to tell... but there are troubling signs. This is worth a read. It is an in-depth analysis. If you are familiar with Jim Collins fine book, How the Mighty Fall, you will see some of the signs. Of course Collins says there is always hope.

Are you Sabotaging Yourself at Work?

How are You Shooting Yourself in the WorkFoot?
While I find so many of these brief articles helpful for a 5-10 minute read and reflection... this one was a notch or two above the typical good article.

It is asking you to assess yourself on 10 Behaviors that are Self-Sabatoging. The problem is when we do these things, and are not aware of their negative impact.

Read over the list of ten... think about yourself... which ones are you doing?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International


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