Rock Star Pastors

Jesus Was Not a Rock Star

Saving Leonardo, by Nancy Pearcey was a great book. I took about a month to go through it. Near the very end, she shared a perspective from TV producer Mark Joseph on the problem of the celebrity pastor. Here are her words:

"If you go to a pastor's church where he's a star, you're really there as a member to uphold his arms and help him make a bigger impact for the world (Mark Joseph)." A more biblical model is the reverse, where the leader's role is teaching and equipping lay people to go out and work on the front lines. As Joseph put it, the pastor should be "holding up the arms of the people of his congregation who are then empowered to go and do good things for the world..."

A Collage of Images-Quotes as I Think About the Paris Horror

Edmund Burke, for evil to flourish

if you don't like what you see in the world do not blame the world

Teddy Roosevelt, it is not the critic who counts

Jesus weeping for the world, Jesus crying

No commentary added, just the encouragement to continue your own reflection, discernment and prayerfulness.


Leadership Lesson 03: Values Buy In

Leadership Lesson 03: Values Buy In
If you don't stick to your values when they're being tested, they're not values: They're hobbies.

Important Question:
So when I first read this quote, I had a new idea. Who is the one who needs the MOST BUY-IN to your values? 

Leadership Lesson 03: Values, Commitment and Culture

Leadership Lesson 03:
It's not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are.  

Roy Disney

Right now I am working with several groups of leaders who are thinking about mission, vision and values. Here is the essential idea:

Values drive commitment and define culture.

First - values drive commitment.
You (and everyone else) need to commit to something that is important. If it is not important to you, you won't be committed. Values are the things or ways that are important to you. When you identify your values, you are more likely to commit to them.

The State of the Freshman Soul

Culture is Changing. And Changing FAST!

Faith is Fading. And for some, fading FAST!

Depression is Rising. And for some, rising FAST!

Some of the most important work we must do is the work of discerning the times and then knowing what we (the church) are to do.

Here is a short description by James Emory White on the state of the freshman soul.

Let us pray. Let us act. Let us trust God.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International


Upward Mobility, the American Dream (and Other Myths We Believe)

Perception is Everything.

Well, it really is NOT everything.
We simply assume our perception is reality.
Our perceptions are sometimes far from reality, and keep us from really understanding what is going on. Which then leads to bad decisions and the inevitable consequences.

I have read a number of works by cognitive psychologists on the power of irrationality and how COMMON it is in our daily experience. It turns out that self-deception is so easy and diabolical. I say diabolical, because the very nature of self-deception is to be convinced you are not deceived and in fact, that your perception is accurate.

Here is a short and very intriguing article on the American Dream, our lifestyles and PERCEPTION about how things are going and what things will be like for us.

C U at the Movies

Well Probably Not...
Especially since I tend to miss most of them when they are in the theater, and don't catch them until they are released on DVD, Netflix...

Here is the list of Clauia Puig, USA Today film critic, for her Top Ten Films of 2014.

I have not seen a single movie on her list, although there are several I want to see. What was on your favorites in movies and TV shows?

Late in the year I was able to catch:

When Interviewing for a Job

Be Sure to Ask These Great Questions About Company Culture
I have had several conversations recently about "culture" in an organization and being sure to hire people who are really in sync with that culture. Culture is the set of intangibles that make up "the way we do things around here." it is not the policies and procesures of an organization. It is the values, the ethos, the essence that makes your place what it is...and different from other places that may have a very similar mission as your group has.

In a leadership manual i am working on - There's More: Mindsets, Resources and Tools to Leverage Your Leadership and Launch Your Growth, I talk about how important it is to know your "personal culture" and be sure you have great alignment with your organization.

Moral Therapeutic Deism

moral therapeutic deism God, Christian SmithAnd How You Might Be One Too...

Moral Therapeutic Deism (after this MTD) is a phrase that comes to us via Christian Smith and his team's research in to the spiritual lives of American teenagers.  Smith and his team found out that MTD is the real religion of teenagers who claim to be Christians.

Sarah Arthur, in her great book - The God Hungry Imagination: The Art of Storytelling for Postmodern Youth Ministry, gives a brief explanation of the three core ideas of MTD.

Culture Making or Being Made by Culture

Maybe it is not a paradox, nor even a mystery. But it is quite a challenge - this thing called culture.

In the Bible, the idea is that we are IN the world but we are not OF the world. We live in the world, but the world is not to live inside us. We dwell in the world as sojourners and travellers. We love the world, but we love the world in the way that God loves the world. We value the world, but we don't cling to it. 


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