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What is the Church?

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It takes all sorts to make a world; or a church. This may be even truer of a church. If grace perfects nature it must expand all our natures into the full richness of the diversity which God intended when He made them, and Heaven will display for more variety than Hell. C.S. Lewis

During my Sabbatical, I am doing all kinds of reading and reflecting on the church and its mission. The other day I had three books as conversation partners.

Core Authors: Sitting and Soaking...

With C.S. Lewis and Dietrich Bonhoeffer
More than twenty years ago, I came across an idea from Bobby Clinton that not only confirmed what I had already been doing, but which set me even more firmly on that path. Bobby Clinton, emeritus professor i the school of world missions at Fuller Theological Seminary spoke on the great value of having Core Authors.

A Core Author is an author who so resonates for you, who so powerfully and compelling writes and addresses the themes of greatest interest - that you should read AS MUCH AS YOU CAN by these authors.

Taking this Week Off From Posting

I am taking this week off from posting on this site. I have lots of things running through my heart and mind on leadership... just life and ministry is a little "over-full" right now. 

I will be posting daily thoughts on Theology at Ad Fontes (Return to the Sources). You can see them at that link. Subscribe to it for daily email reminders of new posts.

I will be also posting daily thoughts on C.S. Lewis at The Wit and Wisdom of C.S. Lewis. Ditto to the commend above.

For both of those blogs, you must click on the new post itself to see the full version of it. For Lewis, I give "very" brief comments and often no comment. For Theology, I give short reflections.

Back in about a week with new thoughts on leadership.

C.S. Lewis as a Public Speaker

C.S. Lewis, public speakingMany of us have read the extremely popular book by C.S. Lewis - Mere Christianity. What you may not know is the book was originally several series of talks Lewis gave on the B.B.C. network.

James Welch was the BBC director of religion. Welch was looking for a speaker who could communicate powerfully, clearly and in a contemporary way, the deep truths of the Christian faith. Welch was looking for a speaker who had the following characteristics.

1.  A voice that exuded warmth.

2.  Common sense that spoke to the masses

When Goodness is Thrilling

C. S. Lewis quote about him  how thrilling he makes goodness

This past week I did something a little unusual. I listed to at least a half dozen sermons from various radio preachers. Three of them were very good communicators. Two were pretty good, the third - well... let me just say, "he must have missed his true calling." BUT... even the good communicators, it hit me, were all on the negative side. They were each focusing on what is wrong, what it is evil, what it will do to the one who embraces it... Even though they were true messages (and needed), there was very little "redemption" in them except for a tag line at the end. "This is why you need Jesus."

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