Overcoming the Barriers to Creativity

I thought this article from Fast Company was very good on creativity. Practical, insightful, helpful to deal with the barriers we all face to creative work.

Check Out Six Ways Your Brain Tries to Kill Your Ideas and How to Fight Them

Just one of the ideas is on the power of execution vs. having a brilliant idea. This little chart (in the article) is excellent.

Brian K. Rice
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Photo Jolts! Image Based Activities (Brief Review)

Here is a Shout Out or maybe a "Look Out" for 
Photo Jolts: Image Based Activities That Increase Clarity, Creativity and Conversation. I ordered this book right away after reading about it in a Zen Presentation blog. You definitely want to get the Kindle version of this one, due to the many links to outstanding images and videos. While I prefer reading most of my books in the paper version, using old-fashioned pen to do my thinking in the book, there are some books that are just designed to be super-charged in a digital version. This is one of them.

Ten Must Read Books for the 21st Century Communicator

Today is a BONUS post for anyone who is in the business of communication. Whether you are a presenter, teacher, trainer, preacher, writer, blogger - COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY. But not just any communication.

Good communication...
Great communication...
Sticky ideas...
Creative, compelling, memorable content...
Visually rich with images...

I believe the work of communication is harder then it has ever been. Fortunately, there is GREAT help available for anyone who wants to put the time and hard work in that is absolutely required to become an effective 21st century communicator.

It is this simple: The old ways of communication are increasingly less effective... and for some audiences, especially the younger ones - the old ways just do not work - period.

The Science of Great Ideas and Rapid Skill Learning

There are a number of sites that have subscriptions that I receive on a daily basis. While these articles are often quite a bit longer then most of my daily posts, from time to time I find an article that I think is worth sharing. Today I am providing links for two very good articles.

First -- The Science of Great Ideas: How to Train Your Creative Brain.
I am always vitally interested in the creative process. Thinking outside the box, imaginative thinking, design thinking, systems thinking - all with an innovative bent. This is a longer article, with a little bit of vocabularly on how the brain works. But it is quite accesible.

Steal Like an Artist

Everyone else is!
That's the focus of this delightful little New York Times Bestseller by Austin Kleon. You can read it in 60-90 minutes. Do it at one sitting. Just enjoy the whole thing at a sitting. It is an easy read, fun, inspiring and thought-inducing. Hopefully it will help you become more creative as well.

Kleon doesn't necessarily tell you anything new that hasn't been said before. But since most of us are not good listeners, it needs to be said again. Kleon says it in a way that helps you listen. Witty, practical, loaded with nuggets of insight and wisdom, short stories, stepping stones for reflection and action.

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