5 Difficult Conversations We Don't Want to Have

I Suppose Some People Like to be the Bearers of Bad News...
...but I am not one of them.

Still, at times, I have to have these difficult conversations. This article identifies just FIVE of these conversations, with a few suggestions how to have them.

Become a Great Listener With These 13 Best Practices

Do you dislike Bad Listening as much as I do? 
I was listening to a Sports Radio TV morning show that has three co-hosts who interact. It is amazing how poorly they communicate. There is constant interruption. It is hard for any of them to get a sentence in before another is interrupting them and arguing.  It is frequent to hear two of them talking non-stop at the same time for sentences!

Do they think this is entertaining? Do they think this is great sports journalism? Do they think they are displaying mature interaction? Hey, I enjoy listening to great and intense debate on issues… but at least let it be a reasonably orderly debate where the sides give each other the space to say what they think.

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