comfort zone

Comfort Zones

Yes they get a bad rap... and often they should.

We do need them for places of rest, recover, relaxation, and recharging (a general powering down). They are wonderful and necessary places to visit. You just don't want to live there and certainly, you don't want to work there.

Rest - yes.
Live & work - certainly not.
Leadership - God forbid!

Life is meant to be an adventure, a journey, an invitation to learning and growth, full of opportunity, challenge, quest and even some risk. I am not speaking as an adrenaline junkie. Far from it. Trust me. While I like change and while I love growth... I can also have a cautious streak in me.

While I think I am, in some ways, a creative path-finder and way-maker, I am also a strategist who likes to think things through before committing to something.

While I have an entrepreneur streak in me, I am mildly (okay moderately) failure avoidant.

while I like to explore the cutting and leading edge of social realities, I definitely do not like falling off that edge.

Reach Beyond Your Grasp

Robert Browning spoke of men, but I will borrow his words and speak of both men and women.  

A man's reach should exceed his grasp.

He spoke of having dreams, longings, desire, passion, vision . . . for something more. For something worthy. For something that matters. For the things that make a difference. For that which is beyond your ability, your gifts, your charisma, your time, your experience, your expertise . . . For when your vision is within those things - you are in your COMFORT ZONE. 

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