Pathways and Permission

Here is a great quote from a friend of mine, who is quite a leader.

The most powerful kind of leadership is to offer people pathways and permissions to do things they want to do but feel unable to do for themselves.  That sort of leadership evokes energies within people that far exceed the powers of coercion. Parker Palmer

For me, this is the kind of leadership mindset that will be most powerful and fruitful in the emerging world. Collaborative, facilitative, developmental, adding value to others, a sort of John the Baptist role of preparing the way for others to advance...

I have been blessed by having others in this role for me. I have been committed to doing this for others as well.

Cobwebs and Org Charts

Life is more like a cobweb than an organizational chart. Ross Perot

I have seen some pretty complex org charts. I understand why we have them, and why we need them. Such a chart seeks to provide order, structure, and accountability to the life of an organization. Without order, structure, and accountability, you have a Book of Judges situation. "There was no king in Israel, and everyone does what is right in their own eyes." That is a recipe for missional failure and short lived organizations.

BUT... org charts do not capture the nuances and intricacies of what is well know today. And that is the nature of networks and connections. We are more connected than ever before. (I know we can and should discuss the quality of those connections... and perhaps the "illusion" of being connected.) 

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