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What Size is Your Church?

Here is an interesting statistic my friend Connnie Milchling (Executive Producer of Worship Arts at LWCC) forwarded to me. The numbers refer to ATTENDERS and not to membership.

Size of Church       % of Churches in the USA

Mega-Churches: Some Interesting Stats

There is some news and while it is all interesting, most of it is not that good!

I am a member of a Mega-Church.
I am on staff at this church. 
For a nice introduction that explains the features of the MegaChurch, read this web-article.
I am interested in the growth and health of the church in North America... so when up-to-date stats come out, I am interested. Here are some of those stats and then a little commentary on some of them. These stats came from The Leadership Network, Kate Tracy, posted 12/23/2013. 

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