Christian maturity

Reliable Authors and Wise Spirituality

Core Authors and Reliable Guides: For me - Gordon T. Smith is one of that tribe.

I read widely. I think carefully. I reflect deeply. I synthesize constantly. And then I seek to implement and integrate into life, ministry and mission the fruit of reading, thinking, refelction and synthesis.

At the core of my ministry/vocation is that of developing people. Through preaching and teaching, through writing, through seminars, courses, classes, workshops and retreats - the desire of my heart is to empower followers of Jesus (and especially those called to leadership) for maturity, fruitfulness and finishing well. It is an UNDERSTATEMENT to say this is important. It is urgent, vital, critical . . . The challenges facing the evangelical church of Christ in North America are difficult and daunting. The culture is not simply post-Christendom, it is post-Christian . . . and I believe, increasingly antagonistic to the Christian faith.

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