Ten Reasons Leaders (and anyone for that matter) Don't Finish Well

I don't know who the original creator of this image is, you can find it at many places on the internet. My gratitude to the creative individual behind the image.

I can't tell you enough how much I have been influenced by J. Robert Clinton (i.e. Bobby Clinton, and no relationship to a "power couple" in the USA). Bobby Clinton was in the Fuller School of World Missions, where his focus was on leadership. He is a prolific author, although his books are not easy reading. They are loaded with complex systems of development, filled with a terminology that must be grasped, and not especially well-written. However - they are priceless in their content and well worth the time to gather the substance and wisdom on every page.

Integrity Matters (Maybe Most of All)

A friend sent me this quote from Warren Buffett the other say. I thought I would pass it on to you.

"If you're looking for a manager, find somebody that's intelligent, energetic and has integrity...if they don't have the last, be sure they don't have the first two. If you have somebody who lacks integrity, you want them to be dumb and lazy."

Integrity matters.
Character counts.
Being morally responsible, emotionally intelligent, relationally healthy - this is important.
Love, humility, honesty, gratitude, patience, generosity, forgiving, courageous - these things matter vitally.

Calm Down

"In most situations, we don't need to slow down, we need to calm down." Bob Proctor

Hmm. There may be more times than Proctor admits, where slowing down is indeed important. But with that nuance, I think he is on to something. Many times, our need is to "calm down." Often, that calmness is needed when things are happening fast.

Change is taking place.
Conflict is erupting.
Tension is escalating.
Stakes are mounting.
Sides are forming.
Blood pressure is rising.
Retorts are rising. 
Irritation is growing.

And as this happens, the likelihood of wisdom, discernment, justice, prudence, and adding value is fading fast.

Respecting Others

A flippant, frivolous person may ridicule others, may controvert (fall out from them, argue against, and bicker with) them, scorn them; but he who has any respect for himself seems to have renounced the right of thinking meanly of others. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I miss some of the old values. That of charity, respect, dignity, honor... the things Goethe refers to in both the quotes that I share.

I have to admit, I cannot watch the presidential debates. Notice the language Goethe uses (thinking meanly of others). Attacking, vilifying, mocking, slandering, accusing, despising, cursing... rude interruptions, utter disregard for the basic rules of civil discourse... 

Win Yes But Always Be Courageous

let me win but if i cannot win let me be brave in the attempt, special olympics motto

Let me win, but if I cannot win let me be brave in the attempt.

Special Olympics Motto


This is one of my favorite mottos. I think this should be a motto for anyone, at all times. 

Play, work, live, love with the gusto you need to EXCEL at whatever you are doing. And when you do live with such intentionality, then, even if you do not achieve what you want, you will have been brave in the attempt. That is its own reward.

Overcoming Your Addiction to Praise

C.S. Lewis quote, prideEvery now and then I run across an article that is seriously inadequate in its analysis and prescription of the problem. That happened yesterday when I read a blog on the theme of overcoming one's addiction to praise. You can read it HERE.

There are three quite positive things I would say about the article.

1.  It sees the need for praise as a problem.

2.  It sees the ADDICTION to needing praise as a serious problem.

3.  It believes you can (and should) take action about this problem.

Great in Intellectuality, Great in Goodness

Benjamin Warfield description

If Dr. Warfield was great in intellectuality,
he was just as great in goodness.
Over a long period of years this man stands out in my mind
as the most Christ-like man that I have ever known.
F.T. McGill


Warfield was one of the great Princeton theologians. What is most inspiring about certain individuals in that tradition is the great piety that stood alongside their great learning. For these individuals, like Warfield, the heart and mind were joined together, flowing and mingling to produce Christ-likeness. Who they were gave credence to what they believed and taught. 

Five Lessons I Learned Early This Morning From a Friend With MS

So I am at my fitness center “insanely early” (for me). I started my workout at 5:30. I had been up since 2:30 reading, writing, praying… I had a day full of appointments, so I knew it was early morning exercise or none at all today.

I am on the elliptical machine doing High Intensity Interval Training and I see an older gentlemen moving through the machines. He had a brace on one leg and used a crutch to walk. It was obviously difficult.

A little later when I take a break, I am moving in his direction to use another machine and I stop and say hi, introduce myself and ask how his leg is doing. He tells me it wasn’t an injury, but rather, he has MS. He was diagnosed 10 years ago, but he said the symptoms were there a few years earlier. We move into a conversation which was very moving or me. Here are five thoughts I came away with from that ten minute conversation.

The Qualities of Pastoral Leadership

Pope Francis, close to the people, criterion for being a bishop, shepherd, pastor

This is criterion number one, pastors close to the people.
Pope Francis

One of the MAJOR CHANGES needed in the Roman Catholic Church (and for that matter - all churches, no matter their theology) was the criteria used for choosing those who would be leaders in the church.

John Wesley - a Remarkable Leader

As Seen in These Descriptions of the Man

John Wesley quote, leisure, work, legacy

I must admit to a fair amount of ignorance about this remarkable leader. I knew a few general things about Wesley, but I have NEVER studied his life and ministry (much to my personal embarrassment). I have studied many of the Reformers and likewise the Puritans, but Wesley has been a MAJOR OMISSION. 


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