The Way of Renovation

How do we change?
How do I change?
How are we / am I changed?
Why is change so hard?

These are the questions I ask almost every day. At the core of my ministry and my being - is to help people flourish. To help people flourish, I must help them change. To be in the Christian ministry is to be in the ministry of life change.

To be in the Christian ministry is to be deeply associated with reformation, transformation, and renovation of the heart.

The evangelical church has a widely held and tragically flawed theory of change. It goes like this (albeit in many different guises). Information changes you. Ideas change you. Beliefs change you. Doctrine changes you. Truth changes you.

To Change Others - Change Yourself

To change others - change your self.
To change others - be the change you want to see in them.
To change others - let your life speak attractively and persistently.
To change others - show them the way and show they that way is worth their while.

It is that simple
and that hard.

At the core of the Imitation of Christ is to see Jesus as superemely attractive, and His way-truth-life as what you desire above all else. Jesus came to show us His Way. The first Christians were known as The  Way, and they demonstrated in their lives, JESUS.

Leaders Need Organizations

lasting social change does not occur through people but through institutions

In View From the Top, Michael Lindsay, president of Gordon College made a point that got my attention. Lindsay said, "Lasting social change does not occur through people but through institutions. the most effective leaders, realize that institutional momentum is far more powerful than individual, charismatic personalities."

Every Day We Fail to Change

And It is Killing Us

I recently read a great illustration/statistic in a book that is several years dated. Maybe things are a little better now... or perhaps they are a little worse. But here it is.

In 2008 there were 600,000 heart bypass surgeries.
There were another 1.3 million angioplasty surgeries.
At a cost of about $30 billion dollars.*

Two years later, 90% of those who had this work done, had NOT CHANGED THEIR LIFESTYLE that caused the problem and were headed for more of the same! There had been no change that was necessary for Healthy and Long Living.

Change or Die!
Articles and books have been written with that title and phrase.

Spiritual Leadership: Fidelity With a Little Help From Francis, Jeremiah and Isaiah

Pope Francis quote, fidelity quote

Fidelity is always a change, a blossoming, a growth
Pope Francis, November 2007


With this thought (said before he became Pope), Pope Francis weaves together one of the paradoxes that all spiritual leadership acknowledges, even though it struggles with the reality.

Fidelity (or Faithfulness) is a BOTH - AND.

Fidelity is rooted in the past and seeks continuity with the past. That is how it is faithful to the tradition once given. And . . .

Stimulate Progress, Lots and Lots of Progress

Jim Collins   Built to Last  preserve the core  stimulate progressGreat Leadership Lessons, NOTE 06.
Preserve the Core is the first half of the linchpin idea in Built to Last. Stimulate Progress is the second half.

A few weeks ago I was teaching a seminar to a group of leaders. During that event, I had briefly prepared some material that years ago was a very central paradigm for spiritually formed leadership. In fact, at one time it had been my favorite material. But things changed, I found new ideas that were more interesting and which had more potential. So I stopped using that model.

See You at the Crossroads

Crossroads. Serendipity. Synergy. Connectedness, Catalyst. Change.
There are Six Words that describe the season in which I now live and move.

converge crossroads future past presentWarning - this post is pure "right brain." Usually I weave left and right together, occasionally falling to one or the other. It will be okay if you don't understand some of what I say. I am okay if you can "feel this one."  

So Which Way Is It?

change will lead to insightAt times it is obvious which thing comes first and which comes second. So we have the proverb, "Don't put the cart before the horse."

Other times, it is harder to know which comes first . . . for example, the chicken or the egg? Well, I suppose Christians would say God created chickens, not that he created chicken containing eggs.  But you know what I mean.

There are some times when we put one thing first and are quite sure we have the order right. Most of us assume that FIRST you gain insight. Then, after the insight comes the needed change. Insight leads to change. Insight is first, change is second. I won't dispute that. I will qualify it... with a major qualifier. For sometimes, it is the exact opposite.

They Are Making Me Change Again!

And I didn't like it.
I didn't like that "they" were not asking me to change. They were requiring me to change. It's happened before. I know it will happen again. I can be as CHANGE RESISTANT as the next person. Especially when I really like things the way they are.

So, here I was and there they were. You may be wondering - who is the they?

Why it is the good folks at Apple and the good folks at Google. Those creative, innovative, design and sell products people who are running the world, making truckloads of money, and changing the our way of life. That is who THEY are.

I liked the operating system I was using on my iPad and my iPhone. Then I had to update and upgrade to the new operating system. I did. Like a trillion other users, who apparently all had the same ideas on the same two days. It took, well, I'll be discrete - awhile to download.

Change and Lifelong Learning


LCI has 'lifelong learning' as a bedrock concept.  Without lifelong learning transformation is impossible.  As long as we think of it as just reading and being open to new ideas we are not being honest about what lifelong learning is really about.  Isn't it really about change?  If we aren't changed have we really learned anything?  That changes the dynamics of lifelong learning for me.

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