A Wild Ride With Jesus

Many of you may already know that on June 19, Living Word Community Church voted to call me to be the second senior pastor of the church. I have the great privilege (as well as somewhat daunting task) of following the founding-legacy pastor, Steve Almquist.

LWCC has been my home church since 1978 when I was just out of college, jogging through a neighborhood, and found a church meeting in an old school building. I went that next Sunday and knew I had found a place to call my spiritual home, and a group of people with whom I could do life. 

Thomas Carlyle on Your Work

Today is a Final Word (at least for awhile) from Mr. Carlyle. Here it is. 

Thomas Carlyle quote On the choice of books  work  vocation meaning and purpose of work

Once again we see how rooted Carlyle is in the Christian worldview. For that worldview has a VERY HIGH view of work. Created in God's image, we are creators, workers, doers, makers of artifacts, artisan of culture, laborers in the marketplace vineyards of endless occupations.

We are created to do this. Much of the meaning and purpose of your life is to find out what you are made to do and what is made for you to do. At that intersection you discover identity, calling and vocation. Carlyle says this is one of the first problems every one of us must confront. What is the work we are to do in the universe?

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