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God's Love is Not Wearied by Our Sin

I am a collector of C.S. Lewis QUOTES. I like to find good visuals on the internet that have his quotes on them. I also make my own. Here is one of my favorite C. S. Lewis quotes. That is saying something because he has so many quotes that I love. But this is Way High Up There on my list of favorites.

C. S. Lewis, God's love is not weary, cure of the soul

I have done Lectio Divina readings on this several times. Four great themes emerged for my reflection.
1. God's love is not wearied by my sin and indifference.
2. God's love is relentlessly determined to cure me of my sin.
3. God'ls love will pay any cost necessary AND ask us to do whatever is necessary
4. I am invited to live with this same unwearied, relentless love when it comes to the sins and indifferences of others.

That's it. That's all. Except for the daily living into and out of this deep reality.

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