Burnout is Dangerous Business

burnout is dangerous

Burnout is "very" Dangerous Business!

Right now, about 45 people are going through out 90-5-U Leadership Learning Community. We are working through material on personal productivity. The first section of exercises and reflections is kind of a Life Coaching, "set the framework approach" that will make personal productivity possible. Stress, hardship, being out of balance, being out of shape (unhealthy) - these are some of the things that lead to burnout.

Check out this brief report on workplace stress and burnout.

How about you?
Are you healthy?
Are you dealing with stress?
Is your life reasonably balanced?

Or are you moving into a place of "burnout."


The reality is that few organizations have figured out how to innovate, adapt, and create amazing things without burning their people out.

These were the words of Lindsay McGregor about the recent Amazon work culture expose. The Amazon work culture story has come at a great time. For the last month I have been working on the first draft of a the 2nd workbook in The Leadership Exercises. This workbook is on personal productivity. The title is tentatively:

Bear Much Fruit That Lasts: Insights into Personal Productivity

7 Thoughts on Avoiding Burnout

A Constant Threat for Busy Leaders

I have the privilege of working with some high production leaders. They work long, they work hard and they work smart. They get the job done and they get results. In the end, bearing much fruit that lasts is the mission and the litmus test of great leadership. While I may not be as productive and fruitful as some of the people I admire, I am certainly in their group when it comes to working long and hard and with passion.

Such leaders always face the serious threat of BURNOUT.
The work is never finished.
There is always more to do.
There is always improvement that is needed.
There are always new opportunities.

That is the way of life and leaders are those who accept the challenges and responsibilities that go with it.

Avoiding Burnout Seminar for Chileans

Being in the ministry is inherently dangerous to your health.  The statistics are staggering in terms of those who have experienced discouragement, disappointment, and depression.  Here are some of the more profound examples from a survey conducted with over 1,000 pastors:

  • 100% had a close associate or seminary buddy who had left the ministry because of burnout, conflict in the church or from a moral failure
  • 90% Indicated they were frequently fatigued and worn out on a weekly and even daily basis
  • 89% Said they considered leaving the ministry at one time
  • 72% Said they only studied the Bible when they were preparing for sermons or lessons

and the list goes on to describe marriage failures, family stress, affairs, lack of friends and more.  It is disturbing to think that so many pastors are struggling with maintaining the day to day balance in life. 

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