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10 Suggestions for Setting Good BHAGs

reach for the starsGreat Leadership Lessons, Note 12
So Just How Big Are We Talking?
Big is one thing. Excessive is something else.
Audacious can be inspiring. Ridiculous is discouraging.

So just how big are we talking? How audacious? How beautiful? How challenging? How inspiring? How demanding? How much hard work is appropriate? 

And how do I know what is both realistic and also beyond what I can do on my own? How do I navigate living by confidence in knowing what I can do with some hard work and living by faith, trusting God to do more than what I can get done with my strength?

Nine Reasons Why Christians Resist BHAG Thinking and Living

Great Leadership Lessons, Note 11
I have asked this question many times as I work with leaders. Why do Christians "resist" the idea of BHAGs? When I get strong and negative reactions from Christians about BHAGs, I am no longer surpised. I thought I knew why Christians react the way they do, but I wanted to get a broader perspective. So I ask leaders their opinions about the resistance. Here is a summary of the answers that are offered most often.

ONE:  Pride.
As Christians we know pride is so easily a very bad thing. To talk about BHAGs seems to verge terribly close to that most deadly of sins. Best to avoid it altogether. Why put yourself in a situation where temptation to pride abou the great things you are doing and accomplishing will trouble you.

Preserve the Core: Five Lessons & Six Questions

Jim Collins quote  truly great companies understand what should never change.Great Leadership Lessons, Note 05:
Jim Collins and St. Augustine have something in common. They both understand the crucial difference between what is core/essential and what is secondary and not-core.

Augustine said, "In essentials - unity. In non-essentials - diversity. In all things - charity."

Collins says, "Preserve the Core. Stimulate progress (in everything else).

This is the LINCHPIN idea in Built to Last. A linchpin is a "thing" that holds together all the other elements of a complex system.

Best Practices and Powerful Mindsets

execution of ideas leaders execute  leaders implement   leaders actJim Collins NOTE 04:
Great Ideas, Powerful Mindsets, Core Beliefs, Enduring Truths. They matter a very great deal. But great thinking, even great strategic thinking, without implementation is all but useless.

To your great ideas and powerful mindsets you must add BEST PRACTICES. This is what you do and how you do it. This is the behavior that is implemented. This is the action that is executed. 

Ideas that are Implemented Lead to Change.
Mindsets that are Carried Through into Execution Make the Difference.

I wanted to say this from the very beginning. Collins has wonderful ideas in his books. I love ideas. I get fired up about great ideas. I can think and think and think and think. I can interpret, critique, morph, ponder on, analyze to death ideas. That does not make me a leader.

Jim Collins and Great Leadership.

Jim Collins photo  Good to Great  Built to Last  How the Might FallJim Collins NOTE 01:
It happened a few months ago. I was realy caught off guard. I was talking with a younger leader (in their mid-twenties). I used the idea of BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious  Goals) that Jim Collins made popular in Built to Last. They had never heard that phrase. I said it came from leadership author Jim Collins. A blank stare! "Who is that" was the question?  "Wow!", I thought.  "How can someone in leadership not know about Jim Collins and the wealth of ideas he has contributed to the world of leadership?" After a moment of surprise, I explained the idea of BHAGs. 

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