Brian K

Upward Mobility, the American Dream (and Other Myths We Believe)

Perception is Everything.

Well, it really is NOT everything.
We simply assume our perception is reality.
Our perceptions are sometimes far from reality, and keep us from really understanding what is going on. Which then leads to bad decisions and the inevitable consequences.

I have read a number of works by cognitive psychologists on the power of irrationality and how COMMON it is in our daily experience. It turns out that self-deception is so easy and diabolical. I say diabolical, because the very nature of self-deception is to be convinced you are not deceived and in fact, that your perception is accurate.

Here is a short and very intriguing article on the American Dream, our lifestyles and PERCEPTION about how things are going and what things will be like for us.

Happy Thanksgiving

May This Day be Full of Grace & Gratitude. 

As you say GRACE today, may your GRACE be a prayer of simple thanks to the Father above who is the  Giver of all Good Gifts. Here are two images of Grace Saying. I am sure the one is familar to you, while the other may be new.

NORMAN ROCKWELL... Woman saying Grace in a Diner.

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