The Bias Dynamic and What To Do About It

Bias - We All Have Them and They are More Substantial Than We Think

you are biased

I enjoy reading research on how the brain works, as well as the psychological and sociological studies of human behavior. In those fields, our unconscios patterns of motivation are of real interest to me. Closely related to that is the issue of Bias and how it affects us.

Here is an introduction to that theme and how you can be alert to it. You're More Biased Than You Think.

Lots of Little Decision Making Wears Out Your Brain

tired brain, switch taskingOne thing I learned in The Shallows by Nicolas Carr is just how much energy the brain has to expend in "SWITCH TASKING." The idea of Multi-tasking is a myth. That is not how the brain works. Instead, every time you shift focus to something different, the brain goes through a swtich, where it has to reload into operational memory, the information you need. When you shift your attention to something else, the brain goes to work, switching out ideas that are not needed and switching in what you do need for the new task.

Too much SWITCH TASKING makes your brain TIRED.

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