Three Beautiful Thoughts on Reading

From Merton, Foster and LeClercq

I am just going to provide the quotes with the images I found, without commenting on any of the quotes.

My only encouragement is to read, read a lot, read a lot of really good books, reflect on what you read, have conversations about what you read, and put into practice what you read and learn. May God hover over your heart and mind as you do this.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International


Thomas Merton on reading

The Beach and a Bag of Books (With a Few More on Kindle)

While I am always reading, the vacations at the beach are a time to take a bag of books along. This is what was in my bag this past week.

Books Change Lives

Anyone who has read a great deal can imagine the new world that opened. Let me tell you something: from then until I left that prison in every free moment I had, if I was not reading in the library, I was reading on my bunk. You couldn't have gotten me out of books with a wedge... months passed without my even thinking about being imprisoned. In fact, up to then, I never had been so truly free in my life... the ability to read awoke inside me some long dormant craving to be mentally alive.  Malcolm X

A Well-Read Life (A Little Guide)

In January, I have been reading books about "reading books." You have heard of meta-thinking, which is "thinking about thinking." Apply that idea to reading about reading, or thinking about reading.

Over the years I have read some real classics on this, with the number one book being Mortimer Adler's, How to Read a Book: The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading. Now, that is a pretty long book, and most people may not want to wade through it. So I want to offer you a very nice, well written, and MUCH shorter book - The Little Guide to Your Well-Read Life by Steve Leveen.

One Word

One Word that will change your lifeJUST ONE WORD!
Sometimes the short, simple, and FOCUSED is the way to go. A friend got me a copy of the book One Word That Will Change Your Life. It is actually an article turned into a book that will make its authors a LOT of $$$.

How Fast Should You Read?

how fast should you read a book

The important thing is not so much to read fast, as to read each book at the speed it deserves. It is as regrettable to spend too much time on some books as it is to read others too quickly. Jacques Bonnet

I read a lot. The last two years I read about 175 books each year. People think I am a speed reader. I am not. I have never sped-read a book in my life. However, my reading rate can be pretty fast. But I don't read to get through a book. I read to enjoy a book and to learn from it. Therefore, I love this advice from Jacques Bonnet about the speed at which one should read.

So I read at the pace a book deserves. Most of the books I read, need good time, energy, and focus to get the most out of them. 

The Library as the Testament of Reading

to build a library is to build a life

To build a library is to create a life.
It is never merely a random collection of books.

The Paper House


A library is a reflection of the collector-reader. I suppose there are some readers who are utterly spontaneous, and unrestrained in their purchase of books. They read widely, and give little thought or focus to their reading.

The Mystique of Books

the library is what brings us closest to paradise on earth, Jacques Bonnet

The library is what brings us closest to paradise on earth. Jacques Bonnet

There is something wonderful about the great libraries. They are the symbols of knowledge, learning, the pursuit of wisdom, the results of research...

Really large libraries are like cathedrals. They are vast, spacious, soaring... and that makes their accumulation of "knowledge pursuits" even more wondrous. But one's personal library serves the same purpose, but on a smaller scale. When I look at the books on my shelves, they remind me of the greater wisdom of those who wrote them. They remind me of the "countless" other books on the same subject, that I have not yet read.


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