Leaders Make the Future

Eight Ideas for Future Leadership

I just finished the fascinating book, Leaders Make the Future: Ten New Leadership Skills for an Uncertain Future. Brilliant, bold, wise, stimulating, and a worthwhile map for the skills needed for an uncertain future. Early in the book, Johansen provides eight themes or insights that will be true for future leaders. These are NOT the ten skills, but rather, core themes that will be manifest in those who lead for the future. Here they are.

Get there early. Be among the first to show up. Don't be premature, but hesitation and later adoption is not going to serve leaders for the future. Faith, foresight, risk-taking, curiosity, and the mindset of explorers and adventurers is needed.

Leaders Need Organizations

lasting social change does not occur through people but through institutions

In View From the Top, Michael Lindsay, president of Gordon College made a point that got my attention. Lindsay said, "Lasting social change does not occur through people but through institutions. the most effective leaders, realize that institutional momentum is far more powerful than individual, charismatic personalities."

Good to Great and the Social Sectors

Good to Great and the Social Sectors Jim CollinsThis is a very short plug and plea for every leader who works in the non-profit and/or social sector and spheres of life - you should read this little monograph by Jim Collins at least once a year.

I have read it about a dozen times since it came our in 2005. I've gone through several copies. My latest copy is marked up with four different colors of ink and highlighter... and is now so marked up I will have to use a new copy for the next reading. (By the way, be sure to check out his great site that is loaded with resources.)

Some of the most important reading you will do is not reading to learn things you don't know (although Collins will certainly provide that for you in his monograph); it is reading that reminds and refreshes you about thing you already know, but forget to do. 

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