Bertrand Russell

Atheism and Its Results (Bertrand Russell's Honesty)

The number of consistent, thorough going atheists in the world is a very small minority. In the United States, they happen to be a very powerful and vocal minority. In many cases they are antagonistic toward Christianity and committed to eliminating religious belief. So much for tolerance. So much for freedom of religion (they prefer freedom from religion). And really, so much for democracy.

Here are the CRYSTAL CLEAR words of one intelligent philosophical atheist - Bertrand Russell. He is ruthlessly honest about the meaning and implication of atheism.  He is also completely confused with his final "will to live." It comes from "A Free Man's Worship." I have provided the formatting for easier reading.

First the words of Russell. 
Then an explanation of the implications.
Finally a brief rebuttal...
and a word about Nietzsche.

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