Benjamin Warfield

Great in Intellectuality, Great in Goodness

Benjamin Warfield description

If Dr. Warfield was great in intellectuality,
he was just as great in goodness.
Over a long period of years this man stands out in my mind
as the most Christ-like man that I have ever known.
F.T. McGill


Warfield was one of the great Princeton theologians. What is most inspiring about certain individuals in that tradition is the great piety that stood alongside their great learning. For these individuals, like Warfield, the heart and mind were joined together, flowing and mingling to produce Christ-likeness. Who they were gave credence to what they believed and taught. 

How Not to Go Wrong

Know Your Motives - Have the Best of Motives
Christianity has always been interested in "motives."
What are the reasons we have for doing what we do?
What is the desired outcome?
What is the driving passion behind what we do?

Two Questions

The Holy Spirit is always working and the work of the Spirit is always to exalt Christ and to lead us deeper into intimacy, transformation and obdeience to Jesus.

Old Princeton theologian Benjamin Warfield knew this when he reminded us that the beautiful work of the Spirit always leads us to ask (and answer) two questions.

Who are you Lord Jesus?

What shall I do Lord Jesus?

I need to have true knowledge of who Jesus is. I then need to have the appropriate response to who Jesus is.

Right thinking leads to right living.

Knowing Jesus leads to listening to and obeying Jesus.

Theological Study AND Devotional Piety

It Does Not Have to be an Either-Or
Unfortunately, all to often it has been. This is one of the ongoing themes of my own life and the ministry I do with Leadership ConneXtions. This is a value I have as well. If you are regular readers of this blog, you know how we value life long learning. God has given us minds to think. Thinking involves the work of reading, study, learning, analyzing, understanding and growing wise in the teachings of the Scripture.

Practical Atheism

Benjamin Warfield and Parker Palmer agree on this!

Many years ago, in his essay, Leading From Within, Parker Palmer talked about "functional atheism." By this, Palmer meant the Christian leader who speaks about God, but who lives, acts and leads in a way that believes if anything good is going to happen, it is pretty much up to the leader to make it happen.

Functional Atheism!
That phrase got my attention, because it described my journey. I believed in God, but there was very little prayerful dependence on God. For all intents and purposes, the way I led indicated I believed exactly what Parker Palmer described. It was up to my hard work to make good things happen!

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