Creative Way of Making New Resolutions

Using Some of the Great Authors of the Past and Their Best Ideas

Sorry for the wrong link. I was checking out the site for a training conference in the Philippines to which I was invited... and must have copied the wrong link into this. It is corrected now. It will take you to the Brian Pickings article on resolutions.


Here was a wonderful article on the Brian Pickings Site.
It is Self-Refinement Through the Wisdom of the Ages:  15 Resolutions for 2015 From Some of Humanity's Greatest Minds.

Martin Luther and Life Long Learning

On Finding and Reading Many Books by an Author
Life Long Learning, Note 11

Here is an insight from Martin Luther that I first gained from Bobby Clinton about 20 years ago. It was very rewarding to see this same "gem" goes back a lot further in history.

Martin Luther quote, reading authors intensively

From Bobby Clinton I learned about finding "Core Authors" to become mentors. What Clinton understood was that a wise and deep immersion into the mind, thinking, heart, soul, perspective of an author takes time. It means you must read as many books as you can by an author. As you read a variety of books by an author, two things happen.

Tim Keller and John Piper talk about C.S. Lewis

It is IMPOSSIBLE for me to exaggerate how much I like C.S. Lewis. Every year I re-read several of my favorite Lewis books. Every year I read one or two new books about Lewis. The great book this year was the new one by Alistar McGrath (see the image to the right),  In recent months I decided to create  Pinterest Board full of favorite Lewis quotes. It is an evolving board. You can see those images by clicking here.

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