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That is Well Worth Your Time

These articles, The Best Brain Pickings, are not from a Christian point of view, so you will not agree with some of what is said. But they are all worth reading. They are thoughtful, engaging, and examples of the kinds of things Christian leaders should be reading, so we stay in close touch with what the world is thinking.

Most of the articles are a bit lengthy, especially for reading on the computer screen. I use a great program called Readability to save internet articles as files on my computer. This program removes all the extraneous ads, etc.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International



The Science of Great Ideas and Rapid Skill Learning

There are a number of sites that have subscriptions that I receive on a daily basis. While these articles are often quite a bit longer then most of my daily posts, from time to time I find an article that I think is worth sharing. Today I am providing links for two very good articles.

First -- The Science of Great Ideas: How to Train Your Creative Brain.
I am always vitally interested in the creative process. Thinking outside the box, imaginative thinking, design thinking, systems thinking - all with an innovative bent. This is a longer article, with a little bit of vocabularly on how the brain works. But it is quite accesible.

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