They Are Making Me Change Again!

And I didn't like it.
I didn't like that "they" were not asking me to change. They were requiring me to change. It's happened before. I know it will happen again. I can be as CHANGE RESISTANT as the next person. Especially when I really like things the way they are.

So, here I was and there they were. You may be wondering - who is the they?

Why it is the good folks at Apple and the good folks at Google. Those creative, innovative, design and sell products people who are running the world, making truckloads of money, and changing the our way of life. That is who THEY are.

I liked the operating system I was using on my iPad and my iPhone. Then I had to update and upgrade to the new operating system. I did. Like a trillion other users, who apparently all had the same ideas on the same two days. It took, well, I'll be discrete - awhile to download.

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