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When Leadership Begins

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Leadership does not begin with a title or a position. It begins the moment you are more concerned about others' flourishing than you are about your own.   Andy Crouch

Nothing new, yet one of the old truths that we must remember (be reminded of) over and over.

Leaders exist for the sake of others. Others do not exist for the sake of the leader.

The leader is a servant, a shepherd, a steward and even a sufferer for others.

Jesus was the ultimate example of existing for the flourhsing of others.

It is worth asking - who is flourishing right now because of your leadership? If you don't see much flourishing - maybe you aren't leading!

Jesus and Flourishing

Andy Crouch has a quite nice small book on leadership. While it is not up to par with his two previous (and truly amazing) books. It is "quite nice." There are gems of brilliance in it. The model he presents is solid. It needs more unpacking then he gives it (the book is short). Actually, it seems to me that Andy needed about another year or so to think through and develop these valuable ideas. The book feels like it is not "finished" for the author. Perhaps I feel that way, since it is an area of personal interest and specialty - the nature of power and authority, service and leadership, pride, humility, and more.

Crouch, like many others (and myself included) loves the theme of human flourishing. I really appreciated a few notes Crouch had about Jesus and what flourishing was and wasn't in the life of Christ (see page 29-30).

Culture Making or Being Made by Culture

Maybe it is not a paradox, nor even a mystery. But it is quite a challenge - this thing called culture.

In the Bible, the idea is that we are IN the world but we are not OF the world. We live in the world, but the world is not to live inside us. We dwell in the world as sojourners and travellers. We love the world, but we love the world in the way that God loves the world. We value the world, but we don't cling to it. 

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