Seminars, Workshops, Courses

LCI partners are available to do seminars and workshops in the areas of spirituality, leadership, education and mission/culture. We can provide one hour courses and day long seminars. We can provide seminars that extend over several days.

In addition, LCI partners are involved in teaching for Bible colleges, seminaries, and institutes around the world. We partner with various educational institutions in providing teachers and courses.

Please note that all teaching is in English and requires the institution to provide a suitable interpreter for the course. Depending on the availability of LCI partners, at times we are able to provide courses in Spanish without the need for translation. As the number of global partners increases, we will have the ability to provide facilitators and trainers who are fluent in other language.

Below is a list of core themes and topics that are easily available.

Leadership Courses that are available:

Foundations of Leadership
A basic introduction to leadership.

The Focused Life
A model of personal development that empowers leaders for faithful, fruitful leadership and to finish well.

Developing and Multiplying Leaders
A course on mentoring/coaching for leadership improvement.

Emerging Paradigms of Leadership
This looks at the new and constantly changing global world that is the context for our leadership. It explores new models of leadership that are necessary for fruitful, missional service in our world.

The Counter-Cultural Way of Leadership
This is a biblical worldview on the subject of leadership, that emphasizes the radically different way of leadership that is presented throughout the Scriptures and which finds its culmination in the leadership way of Christ.

Leading Change
This is some of the most difficult work leaders do, and the most crucial.

Building and Leading Teams
A course that helps leaders build cohesive teams that are highly productive.

From Good to Great in Organizations
Using the model of Jim Collins, and supplementing his model with other key themes, a comprehensive model of organizational development and renew is presented for senior leaders.

Creative Communication
This is a course that introduces leaders to the methodologies of designing, crafting and delivering creative communication to their audiences (whether small groups of 8-12 people or large audiences.


Spiritual Formation Courses that are available:

Conversations on Spiritual Formation
This is an overview that introduces the core perspectives and practices of biblical spirituality.

Spiritual Formation for Christian Leaders
This is a deeper exposure to the spiritual resources that recreate the inner world of a leader.

Introduction to Spiritual Direction
This introduces the LCI model of spiritual direction.

Advanced Spiritual Direction
This course is designed to equip new spiritual directors with a richer understanding and a broader skill base for the work of spiritual direction

Creating Transformative Learning Environments
You learn how to be an architect of new communities where learning and transformation takes place.