Retreats 5-3-1

LCI has been offering spiritual retreats for several years. These retreats are a time to get away and meet with God;  to move to a place where you have silence and solitude to pay attention to your heart and soul; and then have time for spiritual friendship and guidance from the retreat leaders.

We have "standard" retreats where we walk people through spiritual formation exercises that are core to our way of spirituality. We can also customize retreats using themes that you are interested in exploring.

One Day Retreat
We conduct One Day Retreats to give people an experience of spiritual formation, a taste of the LCI flavor and approach to spiritual formation. We often do these at your site (church or other organization) where your people have easy access to attend the retreat. We can tailor the day to your organization's needs, but we recommend a morning through evening time for maximum benefit.

Five Day Retreat 
This Five Day Retreat is a longer, deeper and more formative experience than what can be provided at the One Day Retreat. If the One Day is to give you the flavor and whet the appetite, the Five Day Retreat is the full course feast. Usually the retreat gathers on a  Sunday evening for an initial session and we finish up by noon time on Friday.

For people and organizations that are relatively new to our spiritual formation methodologies and experiences, we recommend a Conversations Retreat, where the Conversations Workbook provides the thematic content that guides the learning and experience of the retreat. 

We also do an Invitations Retreat which uses the Invitations Workbook. Our focus is on The First Principle and Foundation section in the workbook. This is a series of 14  Exercises designed to help you connect with God's great purposes for your life. You are invited to consider the extent of your desire for God as well as your readiness to respond to Him. Your learn how to use the spiritual pathways/practices that help you connect intimately with Christ. The retreat gives you the space and atmosphere where you can search your heart and the heart of God. Usually the retreats begin Monday morning and finish Friday at noon time. 

Here is a typical schedule for the FIVE DAY retreat.

Three Day Retreat
This Three Day Retreat is a shorter version of the Five Day Retreat to accommodate the schedules of those who cannot get away for a week.

If we do an Invitations Retreat, the theme is: Invitation to Relationship. The focus is on the intimate relationship God desires to have with you. In the 9 Exercises, you consider the barriers that keep you from experiencing this intimacy with God. You reflect and pray on your desire to know God, love God, enjoy God. You pay attention to the presence of God and the work of God in your life. Usually this retreat begins Friday evening and concludes sometime Sunday afternoon.

Here is a typical THREE DAY retreat.

Personalized Three Day Retreat

This Three Day Retreat is designed and tailored for those who need a time of refuge, recovery, and restoration.  It is provided in a home setting using various lessons from the Exercises.  It is based on the individual needs of the participants and have been especially developed for missionaries who are on home assignment and pastors who need an opportunity to begin a spiritual formation journey.


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