The Exercises.  This is the devotional curriculum that is the CORE material used for spiritually forming the inner world of leaders and missional servants.




The One Day Retreat. If your organization would like a one day introduction to the heart of the spiritual formation process used by LCI, this is the introduction you are looking for.



The Five Day Retreat.  This is the retreat that walks you through The First Principle and Foundation (Volume Two: Invitations). It is a transformative experience of meeting with God.




Spiritual Mentor Training.  LCI trains leaders in the ministry of spiritual direction. 




Organizational Consulting.  One of the specialities of LCI is helping organizations (church and missional) develop transformative learning environments. If you need to create spiritual formation and leadership development processes, as well as shape the learning DNA of your culture - we can help.



Graduate Courses in Leadership and Spiritual Formation.  We offer




Personal Mentoring/Coaching.  LCI is able to provide mentoring/coaching.





Seminars and Workshops.  LCI is able to provide a variety of seminars and workshops to equip your team.




Video Conferencing.  We offer virtual training for leaders.





The LCI Community.  This is by invitation only. Here is where the dispersed global community of leaders connects for friendship, learning, collaboration and accountability.









Resources from LCI Partners.  Check out the different resources our friends and partners have to offer.