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The Leadership Exercises Volume Two, There's More Models Mindsets and Resources, Brian K. Rice, Leadership ConneXtions InternationalThere's More: Models, Mindsets, and Resources to Leverage Your Leadership and Launch Your Growth 

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There's More is Volume Two in The Leadership Exercises.
While Volume Two builds on the themes and reflections you did in Volume One, it stands on its own as a developmental resource.

At the time of publication, I am currently taking a group of 45 leaders through this workbook. The insights, the ideas, and the next steps emerging for these leaders is prodund. The work of God in their lives is beautiful. 

There's More is a workbook that every leader should do, even if they are in a solid and stable season of life and ministry. The personal lessons learned through the exercises will enhance all you do.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  For those who are in a time of transition, sensing that something new is opening up for them, There's More is especially valuable. Working through this material will give you the perspectives you need to align your will with the future God has for you.

There's More is a workbook with 34 exercises designed to help you explore the story of your life, your personal DNA, and the exciting opportunities for growth and development. Throughout this process, you pray, reflect, dream, journal, and talk with friends and colleagues about your learning journey. As you do this, you ultimately discern the next steps that will move you into the future God has for you.

There's More is a series of exercises built on Ephesians 2:10. This passage reminds us that we are the "workmanship" or "masterpiece" of God. We are created by God, in Christ Jesus to do good works. These good works have also been planned by God. When we lead from the CORE of who we are and how God has designed us, we are able to lead at the cutting EDGE of the places to which God leads.

Poet Mary Oliver asks us, "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" There's More will help you discover the best answer to this question of purpose and meaning.

Brian K. Rice, Leadership ConneXtions InternationalWhen you finish the exercises in this developmental process, your understanding of God's call to leadership will soar. You will be positioned to join in with great confidence to the ministry and leadership God has for you. You will be empowered to make the most faithful and strategic response to the leading of God. You will also be equipped to mentor others on this same journey.

The 34 Exercises in There's More are divided into three sections:

Section One: Discovering Your Story (10 reflections on Time Line or spiritual autobiography)
Section Two: Discovering Your Purpose (8 exercises on mission, vision and values)
Section Three: Discovering Who You Are and What You Have (16 lessons that explore your personal DNA)

This is a great time to Leverage Your Leadership and Launch Your Growth.