NEW Invitation to Leadership, Vol. 1

The Leadership Exercises Volume One, Invitation to Leadership, Leadership ConneXtions International, Brian K. RiceInvitation to Leadership is now available for purchase.
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Invitation to Leadership is Volume One in The Leadership Exercises. This is our introduction to the theme of leadership. These are the basics, the foundational matters, the starting point themes for healthy, fruitful leadership. These exercises are especially useful for those who are interested in leadership, or in the early stages of leadership. It is also useful for mentors who work to develop leaders.

There are 29 chapters arranged in Four Sections.

One: Getting Started
Two: Growing Deeper
Three: Gaining Perspective
Four: Going Farther

Here are some of the reflections/exercises in this volume.

The Leadership Exercises Volume One, Invitation to Leadership Back Cover, Brian K. RiceThe Importance of Leadership
What Exactly is Leadership?
The Reluctant Leader
The Leadership Crisis
The Challenge and Difficult of Leadership
The Purpose of Leadership
The Gift of Leadership?
Becoming a Leader?
God's Call to Leadership?
The Character of Christian Leadership
Relational Leadership
What Great Leaders Do
The Four Mindsets of Leadership
Self-Awareness - the Constant Need
Highly Intentional Leaders
Wisely Strategic Leadership
Deeply Surrendered Leadership
The Dark Side of Leadership
Finishing Well
and more...

This is a Workbook Format, 8.5 x 11 in size. As a workbook, it serves as a mentor to guide you through a process of personal reflection and then taking the next best steps to integrate the core insights into your leadership.

If you want to grow as a leader, or if you want to mentor others in their own leadership journey, Invitation to Leadership is the resource to get you started.