Leadership ConneXtions has a variety of options and formats for personal mentoring.

EXECUTIVE COACHING for senior leaders.
This mentoring relationship is tailored to the specific needs of the senior leader.

LEADERSHIP COACHING for any leader (including Executive Leaders)
There are a number of "modules" of development we recommend to be used in the mentoring process. These coaching sessions are scheduled at the pace most suited for your own development. Weekly or bi-weekly sessions are the way to maximize leadership development.

THE FOUNDATIONS OF LEADERSHIP creates a reflective engagement with the core themes of biblical leadership and how well they are being implemented in your life. This module also looks at The Four Mindsets of Leadership that is foundational for all other development.

LEADING FROM YOUR CORE, LEADING AT THE EDGE is an outstanding process that takes leaders to new levels of self-awareness about how the sovereign God has been working through their entire history. Then you are led to a reconsideration of mission, vision, values, personal DNA, strengths, learning styles,  core methodologies, platform and role, your social network of partners and friends and more.

RADICAL, REFRESHING, RENEWING  is a workbook that walks you through a comprehensive engagement with the biblical approach to power and authority and servant leadership. Using a Creation-Fall-Redemption worldview, you will be led through a profoundly formative time of encountering the way of Christ.

SPIRITUAL DIRECTION using The Exercises as the core themes that are a part of your spiritually formative journey. A significant part of THE CORE for LCI is our approach to spiritually forming leaders using the process, desired outcomes, curriculum and relational format of The Exercises. Spiritual direction sessions are usually every three to four weeks.

EQUIPPING YOU FOR PERSONAL COACHING. LCI is introduced in helping a viral movement of reproducing leaders grow around the world. Toward this end, some of the most important resources we offer are on how to be a mentor / coach / spiritual director. We will mentor and resource you to do the very developmental work we do for you.

TRAIN THE TRAINERS will mentor you in designing and implementing Transformative Learning Communities.. We train you how to facilitate the learning experiences of teams and communities within your organization.

COACHING FOR COMMUNICATORS. This is a short term mentoring relationship that walks leaders through the creative communication approach developed by LCI.

If you are interested in being mentored by an LCI partner, visit the GET INVOLVED page and use the Contact Us form to get hold of us. Tell us a little about yourself, your needs and interests and we will get in touch and start a conversation.