LCI Partners Resources


United World Mission
A missional organization doing leadership development and spiritual formation around the world. They are close friends and have been among the First Adopters of many of the LCI resources. They have also helped us improve those resources as many of their leaders field tested them for us. The president of UWM, John Bernard, is a very dear friend who has been a constant encouragement to the work of LCI.

Step-Up to Life Ministries
This includes the Isaac Ishmael Initiative, which Brian Newman (one of the original co-founders of LCI) has launched. Brian is one of the very thoughtful, innovative and faithful missional servants for the gospel. Follow his always insightful posts on missions, leadership, culture and spirituality.

Ibero-American Missions
Good friends and colleagues leading a church planting movement in Latin America and in strategic countries around the world. They were among the First Adopters for the LCI resources in Latin America. 

Celebrate Hope Ministries
LCI was privileged to work in Uganda and meet devoted servants of God and of the Ugandan people. Fredie Sekyewa is the founder and director of this ministry. LCI resources Fredie who in turn passes on leadership and spiritual formation to Ugandan pastors and leaders.


Recuros Estrategicos Globales
The original open door and sponsor for LCI to move into Latin America was REG and its senior visionary, Omar. Omar has worked tirelessly for decades to resource the Latin American mission movement to unreached peoples. LCI has provided training in leadership, spirituality and training methodologies. Through REG, we have moved into partnerships with wonderful Latin American servant-leaders.