The LCI Salon

Welcome to the LCI Salon:
A Place for Invigorating Conversations on the Great Things That Matter the Most!

First a few words about the meaning of SALON and then information on how to join a Salon

The Salon was a gathering of friends (and strangers at times), for the purpose of conversation that would be both educational and entertaining (pleasing). Conversation is slowly becoming a lost art. Good conversation... invigorating dialogue... stimulating discourse... the delight in learning from social interaction -- that is why we gather at the LCI Salon.

We are partners and friends scattered around the world. Even though we are apart, we are together in purpose and spirit. We are leaders passionate about spirituality, theology, culture, mission and education. Good books, inspiring art and music, thoughtful cinema - we enjoy all of these things. And we enjoy conversations around these Great Matters.

We RECENTLY LAUNCHED the LCI SALON, as a Facebook Group. You will need a Facebook account to access either one.

If you are a Facebook member, just click here:  LCI Salon on Facebook. This will take you to the group. Then begin sharing your thoughts on leadership, spirituality, missions, culture, learning, mentoring . . . See what others are saying, dialogue with them, start your own conversation.

If you are not use to being a participating member of a Facebook Group, there are a few things you can do that will help participation, especially as you are getting started. On the right side of the page, under the pictures of members, see the word NOTIFICATIONS. Click that one and make sure you indicate all posts. That way you will receive notifications when people post. Then be sure to notice (from time to time) on your HOME page, the left column where your Groups are listed. You will see LCI Salon listed there. When there are new posts you will see a number of how many since you last opened the group page.