LCI Community

We are a place for ConneXtions.

We are a Global Gathering of Missional Leaders and Spiritual Friends.

While we are a dispersed community, the website is one of our Places for Connecting.  Through the Internet Highways, we meet, connect, share, engage, reflect and then disperse. Constantly coming and going.

There is a great need for leaders to be in community... to have colleagues who are friends... to have friends who do life together. This is even more important for those missional leaders who are working in dispersed contexts, sometimes in isolation (or functional isolation). 

There is the need for leaders to be in community with others who have a SHARED LANGUAGE... a commonality of values, models, themes, commitments, interests and MISSION.

LCI is a such a community that has a Shared Language when it comes to:
   Transformative Education
   Mission (and Culture)
   and Theology

While the entire WEBSITE is a place for this connecting, the LCI Community Page is especially devoted to directing you to the social media places andevents where we will experience our Leadership ConneXtions.