Introducing the Exercises

The Exercises is the curriculum used by Leadership ConneXtions for spiritual formation and leadership development.

Each volume is designed as a WORKBOOK that includes some of our best teaching on the theme, a guided process of prayerful reflection to help you experience the spiritual reality of a lesson and suggestions for follow through implementation of the biblical realities in to your life and ministry.

Spiritual formation is a long, slow, deep, challenging and particular process. The Workbooks are designed to help you move into a transformative process that honors and facilitates that kind of formation.

Here is an At-a-Glance Overview of the Exercises.  (TO BE ADDED)

The Exercises are first being published in a workbook format available at our eCommerce Site. To Purchase any of the Exercises CLICK HERE to visit the eCommerce Site.

Two of the workbooks are currently available in a Kindle format. They can be viewed on a kindle or with a kindle app on other tablets. To Purchase the Kindle Versions CLICK HERE to go to