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Life Long Learning and Facilitating Learning Communities of Transformation. That is at the heart of leadership in the local church. This is the way of making disciples. This is inherent in the renewal of the Image of God within us. The church has worked with inadequate theories of communication and transformation. No wonder we see much less transformation in the lives of the redeemed. Sometimes I wonder if we are turning out those who are Barely Christian in a Post-Christian World. White-hot, passionate worshippers, who love and know the truth, who in full devotion follow Christ with joy and gladness, who live as faithful missional friends in the world - now that kind of Christian formation is a challenging thing. But Worth It! Leadership ConneXtions International provides resources to help leaders become servants of the transformation process in the lives of those entrusted to them.

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Chesterton and Pascal on Original Sin

Chesterton original sin quote

Original sin is the only part of Christian theology which can really be proved. G.K. Chesterton

Pascal original sin quote

Certainly nothing offends us more rudely than this doctrine (of original sin), and yet without this mystery, the most incomprehensible of all, we are incomprehensible, to ourselves. Pascal

Pascal and Chesterton tell us two (at least) things about original sin.