Exercises for Market Place Leaders

This exciting workbook is designed for leaders who are working in the ares of commerce, education, small businesses, health care . . . any of those areas referred to as the "Market Place."

This workbook will be a compendium of the best leadership wisdom offered by some of the brilliant and successful leadership experts of our time. The great leadership themes that matter the most are organized into a over-arching framework that shows how each theme is related to the others.

These themes are developed from a Christian worldview and biblical perspective. Motivating stories, striking quotes, practical guidance and constant self-evaluatioin and developmental suggestions are provided.

While this workbook is written to help the Christian marketplace leader, it is also written to be useful for your friends and colleagues who are interested in spiritual things, but who do not have a commitment to Christ. The way readers are invited to consider these great leadership themes makes this a useful approach for dialogue with non-Christian leaders who are interested in authentic and fruitful leadership.

A Beta-Version of this workbook is projected to be done late 2013.

If you are interested in being a Beta-tester, get hold of us through the GET INVOLVED page and the Contact Us form.