Your Work Matters to God

A (Brief) Biblical Worldview on Work

1.  God Works and God Loves the Work He Does.

2.  God created us in HIS own image, that means we too are designed to work.

3.  God commanded Adam and Eve to work.

4.  The work they did was to be meaningful since it was their way of partnering with God to create a world of culture.

5.  Sin damaged, but not destroyed work.

6.  The damage of sin takes a myriad of forms. Work has become difficult, frustrating, less productive, at times oppressive, and the systems of ownership and distribution are certainly unfair and inequitable.

7.  Christ is our redeemer and as HE does with everything else, Christ redeems (restores and renews) work. Christ is returning work back to its original meaning, purpose and nature.

8.  One day, at the renewal of all things, our work will not end. It will be perfected and we continue to be creative workers. What that will look like in the new heavens and the new earth is beyond our knowing.

But this is the general framework of a Christian worldview on Work. To say it the way Sherman did with the title of his book, Your Work Matters to God.

One of the best resources to help you in your own mindset about work is Tim Keller's book - Every Good Endeavor. I encourage you to read something like this. You will spend a vast amount of your time working during your life. You may as well invest some time to learn how to make it good work... and perhaps even - Great Work.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International