Yogi Berra on Observation

My friend had missed it. Really missed it. The signs were there. The clues were all around. He was just too busy to notice, too distracted to focus, too caught up in the frantic needs of the moment to see. Life was busy, fast, and challenging. He stopped watching. To his great regret. Too late, damage done, warning signs ignored . . . the relationship was past the point of no return (well, with God's grace all things are possible, but our carelessness makes some exceedingly unlikely).

You can observe a lot by watching. Yogi Berra said that.

Attention matters. Paying attention, noticing, focusing, scrutinizing. Painfully obvious isn't it? Sadly overlooked - just as obvious!

How about this slight remake of the great Yogi.
You can hear a lot by listening.
Ouch again.
Only this time with the ears and not the eyes.

Kind of makes me think of Jesus and that business of having eyes to see but not seeing and ears to hear but not hearing.

I wonder what you have been missing because you are not watching or listening?

I wonder what you are missing about God. His Presence is with you. He is working right now. He is speaking beautiful words. If you are still enough, quiet enough attentive enough to see and hear.

I wonder what you are missing in your core relationships. The gift of your undivided attention is a great gift. The gift of your dedicated time is a great gift. The gift of your sincere interest in the other is a great gift. That means you watch and listen - carefully.

This week, try the  Sherlock Holmes thing of extraordinary noticing . . . that positions you to do some good interpreting . . . which will enable you to make the best choices about the most important actions.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International